Cannabis and Credit Statements

Jimmy's Cannabis Storefront

Worried about who knows what about your credit statements, your bank statements and Cannabis? We don’t blame you!

Jimmy’s cares a lot about your privacy and personal information. We want to make sure when you come by our shops your visit is as discreet as possible, even when it comes to your debit and credit statements.

Your statements won’t say cannabis, weed, pot, dope, ganja, hemp, devil’s lettuce, hot leaf, endo, mary jane, doobie, marijauna, herb, pot, whacky tabacky, bud, chronic, or even reffer. Just JIMMY’S SHOP.

Check out these two statements to ease your mind:

Credit (BMO)

Jimmy's Cannabis BMO Credit Card Statement

Debit (RBC)

Jimmy's Cannabis Debit RBC Statement

Jimmy’s accepts Cash, Credit, and Debit in store and Credit for online purchases. All your payment information is always kept safe within Canada’s legal borders.

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