Know Your Accessories: Glass vs. Silicone

If you’ve ever been into a head shop, or a friend’s university apartment, you’re probably familiar with the classic bong—the somewhat intimidating, psychedelic glass beast tucked beside the couch.

But, just like our horizons have expanded in cannabis, accessories have come along way. Glass is still a great option for smoking, but with silicone, smokers now have options.

We carry and recommend both options. Read on for some deets to help you make your decision next time you’re shopping for a new piece.


Glass is the classic; and a standard for most seasoned smokers. The general opinion (held not just by old hippies), is that glass is the best material to smoke from.

Glass is non-porous, which means it doesn’t hold smells and can’t absorb liquid or gases. And, it’s easy and most durable to clean. So, any resin that does build up, can be scrubbed or treated with specialized cleaner like Purple Power.

The design of glass pipes and bongs is often preferred by enthusiasts. Some say it's the most effective way to get a smooth hit with no hiccups along the way.

And – speaking of those psychedelic beasts mentioned earlier, there is an artistic craft to hand blown glass pipes. 

One negative of glass is that it’s breakable. Everyone remembers their first heartbreak…of knocking over or dropping their bong or pipe. And, larger glass bongs aren’t quite as portable as small silicone ones.

Check out our product page to learn more about the Grav Labs pipe we have in stock:

Grav Sandblasted Glass Pipe


Silicone is man-made substance made from silicon and oxygen.

One concern people have is if silicone is safe to smoke from. Food safe silicone – the good stuff that quality brands use – is stable and won’t leach any chemicals or produce gas or emissions. Jimmy's carries PieceMaker Silicone, the best of the best. But be really cautious out there and ask questions with other silicone, you want to make sure it is safe to smoke. 

Silicone can withstand extreme heat – up to 600°F without warping, melting or breaking down. But don’t go holding a lighter to it, just trust us it’s sturdy.

In terms of performance, many avid smokers believe the bubbling system of high quality silicone bongs to be as effective as glass. They do the same job, just in a squishier package. And, it’s highly (heh) portable. Some silicone products (like the ones we sell) even have caps so you can take your bowl to go.

One thing to watch is silicone won’t always show wear and grime as easily as glass. The colours and opaque finish make it harder to see the grime, so try to stay on top of cleaning your pieces.

And, if your silicone bong or pipe has a metal or glass part (bowl, screen, rig, etc.) you’ll want to pay extra attention to keeping that clean and/or replaced so you get the best from your accessory.

Silicone won’t last quite as long as a glass piece.. if it doesn't fall off the coffee table (so, likely no hand-me-down bongs from your cool uncle’s garage), but it’s super durable.

Here’s a peek at the silicone bong we love: 

Green Silicon Bong Piece Maker

And it’s pipe relative:

Black Silicon Pipe

Choosing glass or silicone might be as personal to you as what strains or papers you prefer. Both glass and silicone are great options that offer a satisfying and safe session. You do you, boo.

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