Let's Talk Humidity and Cannabis

Time to put our scientist hats on and talk about relative humidity.

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Bill Nye the Science Guy

Science Rules

What is relative humidity?

Relative humidity represent the amount of water (moisture in the air, as compared to the maximum amount of water the can absorb. This is where the relative humidity percentage comes from or RF%.

Too Much Humidity = Moldy buds

Anything above 62% relative humidity is too much moisture. This can lead to mold and mildew. Gross - no thanks.

Too Little Humidty = Brittle Buds

Anything below 54% relative humidity is not enough moisture. This can create overdry bud and potentially harsh smoke.

To prevent dryness or moldy buds you want to regulate the humidity between 54% and 62%. Keeping your bud regulated will boost aroma and flavours and your overall experience.


Integra's Boost Humidiccant goes a long way to keeping your bud nice and fresh.

Integra uses patent pending technology that releases or absorbs moisture, maintaining relative humidity at 54% or 62% in a contained environment. Ensure your stash is kept fresh with this helpful product.

Boost Pack to keep your bud fresh

One Last Helpful Tip

Integra's Boost Humidiccant is made to control and maintain moisture. For extremely dry bud you may need to add a bit of moisture before these packs do the trick. Be careful though, adding too much moisture can create mold, the very thing Health Canada is trying to avoid with their moisture regulations.

Check out our blog post on the Dewbie stone to read more about easily adding just the right amount of moisture.

Using Integra to store your bud

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