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Our online Local Menus are live! You will now be able to access up to date menus for all local shops 24/7 on JimmysCannabis.com. Jimmy’s weedmaps listings are still updated daily but do not include pricing or available package sizes.

Check out your Local Shop Menu:

Martensville Menu

Flower Menu Walkthrough

The online local menus are identical to the ones you’ve seen in our shops. The strains are grouped by sativa, hybrid, and indica. Each strain lists the producer along with THC and CBD %.

The columns across the top include Pre-Roll, 1g, 3.5g, 7g, and 15g sizes. Anywhere there is a price visible, that size is currently available. The little PR in a black circle represent pre-rolls available for that strain. Prices are not shown for pre-rolls because of the multiple types of packaging, often times strains may even have multiple pre rolls (1 pack, 3 pack, or 5 pack for example).

Pre-rolls typically range from $5 to $7.50 for 0.5g pre rolls and $10 to $15 for 1g pre rolls. Ask your budtender for pre-roll options and pricing!

A bit about varying THC and CBD %

THC and CBD % are tested for each lot (You can find the lot number on the product label). Lots can vary in THC and CBD based on several factors, cannabis is a plant after all. Jimmy’s menus display the minimum THC and CBD % we've seen for each strain. We list minimum values for a few reasons.

Why Jimmy’s uses minimum THC and CBD %

We don’t list the strains maximum strength because we feel it can misrepresent our current offering. We instead use the minimum % to make sure you get at least what you pay for and hopefully more! Varying THC and CBD can be a little confusing, here is an example of what we mean.

Here is the Reflect strain pulled from a local menu. Reflect has a minimum THC of 17.0%.

Reflect strain in a local menu

But since percentages vary significantly from lot to lot, pre-packaged containers from different lots can make our daily offering may look more like this:

3.5g – THC 17.0%
7.0g – THC 20.0%
Pre-Roll (3pk.) – THC 19.5%
Pre-Roll (5pk.) THC 18.5%

If THC % is important to you, make sure to ask your favourite budtender what options are available. We are happy to help!

Jimmy's Estevan

Jimmy's Estevan

The Edible Oil Menu is also available online following the flower menu. Enjoy!

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