Online Cannabis delivery by Purolator. Explained.

Welcome to the world of Saskatchewan cannabis delivery! Here is some info and a few frequently asked questions to get your head wrapped around what to expect when receiving your first legal recreational cannabis delivery to your Saskatchewan residence.

How much is delivery?

Delivery is a flat rate of $10 anywhere in Saskatchewan. Subscribe to our newsletter for announcements, offers, and delivery promos.

Who manages Jimmy’s deliveries?

Jimmy’s has partnered with Purolator to complete our cannabis delivery service. We want to thank Purolator for making this happen. Purolator is the one and only large scale service provider that has met the requirements to deliver recreational cannabis in Saskatchewan.

Purolator does not delivery to PO boxes. Please use your house address. 

What kind of delivery times should I expect?

Exact delivery times depends on where you live in our great province. A typical delivery will take between 1 and 5 business days to arrive at your door. Our orders are picked up between 1 and 3 daily. Orders place after this time will be picked up the following day. 

We should get a better idea of accurate delivery times while we go forward.

What do you need to accept the delivery?

The SLGA and Health Canada require proof of address and proof of age upon delivery. Any approved government ID with a signature  will take care of this for you (Drivers License, Firearm License, or Status Card). 19 or 90, this means EVERYONE. They can’t just leave your package on the doorstep if you’re not home.

I wasn’t home and I missed the delivery. What do I do now?

Unfortunately, since age verification is required, Purolator won’t leave your package on the front step. Don’t worry though, it’s not your last chance:

  • Purolator will leave you a note that lets you know when they were there
  • Purolator may then try and deliver again. 
  • If you miss these delivery attempts it’s not over! 

Purolator will hold the package at their dispatch center for pickup.

They will hold it for several days - Make sure to take your approved ID when you go pick up your package.

If you can’t make it to their dispatch center in time, they will send your delivery back to us. We will then contact you to figure out a solution from there.

Here is an example of a Purolator missed delivery note. It will have all your need to know info on it.

  • Date and time when the package will be available for pick-up
  • Address of your pick-up location
  • Contact Information
  • A friendly reminder to bring your government approved ID

Purolator Shipping Slip

If you have any more questions or are having issues receiving your shipment. Contact us anytime -

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