Online Cannabis Sales Temporarily Unavailable

Due to inventory shortages, we have been unable to open our e-commerce store.  We are committed to providing the most positive online experience for Jimmy's Cannabis customers and want to ensure that when we launch that we are prepared to deliver.  Please know that we appreciate your support and we will keep you posted on when we intend to open up online cannabis sales.  


  • Jimmy's Cannabis

    Hey Aaron,

    We are absolutely working on getting local menu’s up and running on the site! In the meantime check out our shops on we have an up to date menu up there for each store. Here are the links for each store:


  • Aaron

    Can you have a menu on the website with regular updates for instore purchases? It could potentially improve business if people knew what you had before showing up only to be disappointed by what is actually in stock. That could make people hesitate for a return trip.

  • Jimmy's Cannabis

    @Dave Health Canada has not approved the sale of vapes or concentrates yet. Our fingers are crossed for sometime in 2019.

  • Dave

    Hey guys You have any VAP juice on hand?

  • Jimmy's Cannabis

    @M10k We will sell THC, CBD, and 1 to 1 Ratio CBD/THC oils and sprays. Cheers!

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