It’s not impossible to break up your bud with your hands, but most of us prefer using our trusty grinder. No matter how good you are at rolling, it is pretty much impossible to roll that perfectly epic friday joint without a grinder.

The secret sauce to a slow burning joint is an even grind. Every time.

Grinders come in all shapes sizes with varying features but when it comes down to it - they are all made to break up your bud into evenly ground bits. That’s it that’s all, this isn’t rocket surgery.

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Integra's Boost Humidiccant goes a long way to keeping your buds nice and fresh.

Integra uses patent pending technology that releases or absorbs moisture, maintaining relative humidity at 54% or 62% in a contained environment. Ensure your stash is kept fresh with this helpful product.

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Dewbie the Rehydrating Stone is here to get the moisture back in rec weed. Jimmy's loves supporting Canadian businesses and this is a good one!

The Devil's Lettuce Shop is a small cannabis start-up based out of Calgary and we just stocked our shelves with their flagship product- the Dewbie.

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