I Want to Be a 'Chronnoisseur'

If you’ve ever thought to yourself “f*** school, I just wanna smoke some weed” -- raise your hand. If you’ve ever rolled your eyes in class, just thinking, wishing, waiting for the day you could listen to the professor talk about something fun for once, maybe learning how to grow and cure a pot plant, for instance -- raise your hand.

Guess what? You’re not alone!

Raphael Mechoulam

Raphael Mechoulam Discovered why weed makes you 'high'

You can say goodbye to those yearning fantasies of yours because you really can have your cake (brownie, whatever, we don’t judge) and eat it too.

Canadians can learn to master the art of cannabis at some of the most renowned colleges and universities across Canada, officially as of legalization last year. You, too, can become an officially certified Cannabis 'Chronnoisseur'!

Say no more. Where do I sign up?

5 months ago, Narcity.com posted a list of 11 Canadian Cannabis schools that were open for enrolment. These institutions all offered interesting weed-related courses and workshops, those of which included the Niagara and Durham Colleges in Ontario, Kwantlen Polytechnic University in BC, McGill University in Quebec and even University of Ottawa, just to name a few.

Talk about getting a higher education!

These programs were specifically designed for curious entrepreneurs interested in creating a career for themselves in the booming weed industry. Without a doubt, there’s tons to learn when it comes to the art and science of weed. Where does one begin?

How are the classes delivered?

According to the course outlines as listed on the schools’ official websites, the universities offer programs ranging from in-person lectures, taking place in classrooms and labs, to distance education online courses.

For example, Vancouver’s Kwantlen Polytechnic University has a section on their official website titled “Cannabis Career Training”, enlisting several upcoming sessions (a 4-month, one semester program) on “Plant Production & Facility Management” and “Marketing Under the Cannabis Law” dated from February all the way through June 2019, costing $1,573.95 per semester.

Got other commitments going on? Look for one-day weed workshops!

McGill University’s Agriculture and Environmental Sciences department and its many instructors held several “one-day professional workshops on the industrial production and quality control of medical Cannabis” in August 2018 for interested weed learners. These workshops included special guest speakers and experts on Plant studies and agriculture, discussing the various elements of the complex cannabis production process. These sessions apparently came into fruition because of “popular demand”.

Giving the people what they want!

If you really want to become the ultimate 'Chronnoisseur':

You’ve got to check out the number one listed school on Narcity’s list: Niagara College. They have an intensive year-long program on Commercial Cannabis Production in which Deron Caplan will supposedly be the first ever North American PhD graduate of weed production. We love it. What a time to be alive!

Niagara College’s “greenhouse technician” program has in fact been training licensed pot producers for over 30 years, according to Macleans.ca. It’s no wonder CBC News has reported stats of over 300 applicants fighting for only 24 spots in the program; candidates leaving their full-time jobs to pursue this dream that most of us could only dream about back in our days!

It’s not too late!

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have under your belt when it comes to learning the biz of Cannabis. CBC News has reported that Niagara College’s Cannabis institution hopefuls included applicants from the ages of 21 to 54, so there’s really no better time to learn the proper production process of pot than right now.

Saskatchewan Update:

“As far as the Saskatchewan government knows, there aren’t any colleges or universities in the province offering cannabis-related programs.” - Vice

Fingers crossed. Hopefully we get a program or at least a few classes soon!

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