Why is my legal weed dry? Things you might be wondering post-legalization

The interwebs have spoken, some of the bud hitting the shelves of legal retailers is dry as a popcorn fart.

If you’re a newer consumer you might be asking yourself, “so what? I’m just going to bust it up and stick it in my vaporizer anyway”, and you're not wrong. But if you fancy yourself a chronnoisseur we know you’re looking for your bud to be the stickiest of the icky, and you’re probably thinking, “What gives? Don’t these legal weed companies want me to buy their products?”

Lengthy storage times certainly don't help. The longer your bud sits the more of that precious moisture can escape. As we move into 2019, pre-legalization stock piles are on their way out and shelf time is improving, getting fresh product from the grow room to you as fast as possible.

Not so fast though. A long shelf life is just a small part of the story. Tweed’s take on the matter is they HAVE to make their product drier than we might be used to in the past in order to meet the regulatory standards set by Health Canada.

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The short answer? Too much moisture = mold. And mold is bad class, mmmk?

LPs must meet the requirements for microbial (e.g. mold) and other potentially harmful components (e.g. pesticides). Some licensed producers, generally smaller ones, meet these requirements through strictly-contained environments, drying and curing processes, while others use more traditional Canadian Food practices such as gamma irradiation. But we will save the irradiation debate for another blog post!

So, we know WHY legal weed is drier than we would like it to be. But what can we do about it?

 1. Add water and watch it grow.. well kind of.

Rehydrating with distilled water and bread as a vehicle and/or by using an orange peel or piece of lettuce can be viable options but come with their own nuances and risks.

Check out this helpful how to guide by our friends at Leafly. Be careful when rehydrating, adding too much moisture can cause the very mold health canada is trying to protect us from.

2. Level-up your storage game. How would you feel if all winter you were forced to sit inside a plastic jar or baggy? Pretty darn dry I’m guessing.

Look for containers made of glass that offer UV protection and are air tight.

We love products like the CANNADOR, but a mason jar can also do the trick. Just make sure to store it out of that pesky sunlight, or grab the brown pickling jars with UV protection. 

3. Make sure to enjoy the fruits of a season! Keep in mind that cannabis, like other produce, is beholden to mother nature and her seasons. The environment, especially humidity levels, will play a factor in the overall quality of your end product.

Pop in an integra pack to keep the humidity at your sweet spot. Integra packs are made to maintain constant humidity over time. If you’re looking for a more significant boost of moisture you may need to rehydrate.

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