Why is there THC in my CBD oil?

CBD oil has been tough to find in Saskatchewan. Jimmy's is one of the few recreational cannabis shops in the province that got our hands on some. Pick some up in store or online while supplies last!

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CBD Oil and the Entourage Effect

So why do CBD oils and capsules THC in them? We will give you a hint, it’s not to get you high.

Typically CBD oils and capsules have <1.0% THC.

The Entourage Effect

Don’t worry—your friend group won’t suddenly include a chubby guy named Turtle. It’s not that kind of entourage effect.

The entourage effect is why some experts believe that oils produced from the cannabis plant are more effective than those derived from hemp.

Many studies, most notably one by Dr. Ethan Russo, show that the cannabinoids and phytocannabinoids, even the terpines, are pharmacologically relevant and work harmoniously to deliver the intended effects of the plant.

Dr. Russo CBD

Dr. Ethan Russo

It's a very sciency way of saying that there’s plenty of evidence that shows that the whole plant works better together. So CBD oil actually gets a boost from having THC along for the ride.  

But Wait, There’s More

Oil derived from hemp only contains about 3-5% CBD, whereas oil derived from cannabis and made by license producers typically contains up to 20% CBD.

Oil derived from hemp is pressed from the seeds. Unlike the process for oil extraction from the cannabis plant, which is not only regulated through licensed producers and cultivators, but also uses more of the plant, and often adheres to stricter guidelines and testing after extraction.

Hemp is generally grown for industrial purposes. Things like growing conditions, labelling, testing, safety and quality control standards are consistent and enforced in any process undertaken by a licensed cannabis producer or cultivator, but not necessarily for hemp.

You might have heard the term full spectrum CBD. This is the good stuff, it uses the whole plant. The CBD products at health food store is not full spectrum CBD. You know your CBD oil is full spectrum when there is at least some THC content. Recreational full spectrum CBD oil is only available in permitted cannabis shops like Jimmy’s. The SLGA keeps a list handy for permitted recreational shops. 


Like we always say, start low and go slow. 5-10mg of CBD is a good place to start to keep your THC consumption at or below 1mg. Starting low and increasing slowly gives you a chance to find the dose that works for you.

THC affects people differently. Let’s remember, we are talking about an extremely small amount of THC here that will likely not have any effect on you and it’s certainly not intended to make you high or impaired. Everyone is a little different though and if you have an extremely low tolerance it may have some effects. If it’s your first time using CBD- take it in the evening when you don’t have any responsibilities to tend to just to keep your mind at ease. Taking your dose on a full stomach can also help with the metabolization.

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