Why You Should Use a Grinder

Let's get back into Cannabis 101 for a minute.

A grinder is a product that has been designed to break up the bud into a fine even grind. Cannabis is typically in large dense buds that must be prepped a little before you roll.  

Using a grinder to break up the bud into a fine, even grind.

First off let’s ask an important question. Why use a grinder at all?

It’s not impossible to break up your bud with your hands, but most of us prefer using our trusty grinder. No matter how good you are at rolling, it is pretty much impossible to roll that perfectly epic friday joint without a grinder.

The secret sauce to a slow burning joint is an even grind. Every time.

Grinders come in all shapes sizes with varying features but when it comes down to it - they are all made to break up your bud into evenly ground bits. That’s it that’s all, this isn’t rocket surgery.

2-Piece Grinders

Recommended for a nice upgrade over hands or scissors

With any grinder you’ll notice an upgrade over your fingers or scissors. Just trust us - you won’t look back.

  • Keep it Simple - Two pieces makes for less chance of cross threading and less stuff to keep clean
  • Small and Portable - These short little guys fit easily in a pocket

4-Piece Grinders


Pirahna Gun Metal 4-Piece Grinder

Recommended for the daily smoker

  • Even Grind Every Time
  • On-The-Go Bud Storage
  • Kief Storage

Jimmy’s entry level 4-piece grinder of choice is the Piranha 2.2”. It’s a well built 4-piece grinder that never fails us.

The Piranha has sharp, well spaced teeth that will break your flower down to the perfect size before falling through the holes into the storage area. From there the 4-piece grinder screens your trichomes through the sifting screen to the crystal catcher for a potent little treat of kief.

Kief refers to the fun little pile of trichomes that gets collected in the bottom of your 4-piece grinder. Kief can create a more intense experience than flower as it does not contain of the combusted plant material or any less desired molecules.

What do I do with all this kief?

This is the fun part. Time to get creative.

Using a Kief

Load it into a joint, bowl, or vape

For a special occasion sprinkle a few precious pinches inside a joint before rolling or on a freshly packed bowl. You can even load your dry herb vape with a pinch or two along with some dried flower.

Get that cook book out and flex your chef muscles

Kief can be added to your flower in a batch of cannabutter, you can also use only kief if you’re lucky to have enough of it. That precious cannabutter can be then used in any recipe to make your own edibles.

Shop Cannabis Cook Books

Storage and Grind Consistency

4-piece grinders aren't all about kief. They also are handy for getting a consistent grind over their younger and less experienced 2-piece brothers. The Aluminum milled teeth of the Piranha 4-piece grinder break up your bud into a nice medium grind before falling into the storage chamber. The storage area is sealed with a threaded connection.

With a 2-piece grinder you don’t really get that same consistency because it’s up to you to decide when your grind is complete.

So why even bother with a 2-Piece?

Even though the preference is typically 4-piece over 2-piece, we arn’t saying 2-piece grinders are obsolete. For portability and simplicity you can’t argue with having a 2-piece grinder kicking around. A few members of the Jimmy’s family swear by their trusty little 2-piece.

Kannastor 2-Piece Grinder


Check out this solid Kannastore 2-piece grinder if you’re in the market.

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