Get in that kitchen with Jimmy's and make some cannabutter.

Come check out Natasha's culinary skills in our first episode of Cooking with Jimmy's, we're whipping up a batch of cannabutter. 

Cannabis butter, or “cannabutter” can be used in place of regular butter or margarine in any recipe. And, it’s super simple to make.


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If you’ve ever been into a head shop, or a friend’s university apartment, you’re probably familiar with the classic bong—the somewhat intimidating, psychedelic glass beast tucked beside the couch.

But, just like our horizons have expanded in cannabis, accessories have come along way. Glass is still a great option for smoking, but with silicone, smokers now have options.

We carry and recommend both options. Read on for some deets to help you make your decision next time you’re shopping for a new piece.

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If you’ve ever thought to yourself “f*** school, I just wanna smoke some weed” -- raise your hand. If you’ve ever rolled your eyes in class, just thinking, wishing, waiting for the day you could listen to the teacher talk about something fun for once, maybe learning how to grow and cure a pot plant, for instance -- raise your hand.

Guess what? You’re not alone!

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What do I need to order bud online?

You may have ordered on a medical or even a black-market website in the past. This is a little bit different. You don’t need a license or permit. Just a credit card and valid government ID.

  • Jimmy’s is only permitted to ship to Saskatchewan postal codes
  • 19+ Only - Government Photo ID will be checked on delivery. 19 or 90, this means EVERYONE
  • Credit Card
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