Balmoral - Flower
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Balmoral - Flower

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UK Cheese
Strain Type

Today’s Bud*
3.5g - 
THC 23.7%

The Balmoral strain is a THC-dominant hybrid that is a variety of UK Cheese. Its forest green buds are complemented by orange pistils. Caryophyllene is the terpene which gives this strain’s aroma spicy notes.

Did you know? Balmoral is actually pronounced BAHL-more-ull. Don’t worry, we’re still having a hard time with it too.

Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Limonene


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*Today's Bud is a list of accurate up to date THC and CBD % from our current lots. Local shop menus display the minimum THC and CBD % we've seen for that strain. THC and CBD % vary lot to lot based on several factors, cannabis is a plant after all. Jimmy's uses the minimum % to make sure you get at least what you pay for and hopefully more! 

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