Sensi Star - Flower
Sensi Star - Flower
Sensi Star - Flower

Sensi Star - Flower

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Today’s Bud*
3.5g – 
THC 21.3% (Lot 1060)
Pre-Roll (3 x 0.5g) – THC 18.2% (Lot 679)

Sensi Star's frosty, hand-trimmed, nighttime indica is known for its sweet, sour, piney, and fruity aromas that comes from the strain’s myrcene, limonene and caryophyllene terpene profile.

Sensi Star is reported to produce a relaxing effect. Get Your Greens with Spinach.


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*Today's Bud is a list of accurate up to date THC and CBD % from our current lots. Local shop menus display the minimum THC and CBD % we've seen for that strain. THC and CBD % vary lot to lot based on several factors, cannabis is a plant after all. Jimmy's uses the minimum % to make sure you get at least what you pay for and hopefully more! 

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