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Plain PKG Indica - THC Oil

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30.0 mg/ml
<1.0 mg/ml
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Plain Packaging Indica oil is an edible indica dominate THC oil. Indica oils are typically preferred for nightime use. 

Each 40 ml bottle contains 30.0 mg/ml THC and <1.0 mg/ml CBD.

Combined with MCT (derived from Coconut Oil), Indica Oil has an earthy/floral taste.

Some love the taste of an easy drop under the tongue while others tend to mix it with their food or drink. Combined with yogurt, peanut butter, smoothies, or juice can make for a tasty snack. (Mixing with food may delay and/or change the effects). Everyone is a little different. Half the fun is finding what works for you!


Start Low. Go Slow. 0.15 ml (4.5 mg THC)*

Attention First Timers - This is not CBD oil. Check out our blog post if you want to do a bit of research on THC, CBD, and all the other lingo that may be new to you. If you decide to try this or any other product for the first time, we recommend going low and slow. Everyone is different and it's a good idea to go slow at first until you know how the product affects you. Enjoy!


*Jimmy's recommends starting low and going slow when trying new cannabis products. You can always increase over time to find what works for you.

If you have any questions about edible oils or anything else - drop us a line. or  306-933-2322