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Plain PKG Indica - Flower

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Plain Packaging Indica
Strain Type

Today’s Bud*
3.5g – 
THC 11.3% (Lot MOO810F1B2)

Plain Packaging is a pretty unique brand. Canopy takes buds from their popular strains that didn't quite make the cut on appearance.

What you get is a budget friendly product that might not be as aesthetically pleasing, but still packs the same thc, cbd, and terpene punch as Canopy's flagship strains.

You can expect a chill indica strain. 


Guide to Terpenes


*Today's Bud is a list of accurate up to date THC and CBD % from our current lots. Local shop menus display the minimum THC and CBD % we've seen for that strain. THC and CBD % vary lot to lot based on several factors, cannabis is a plant after all. Jimmy's uses the minimum % to make sure you get at least what you pay for and hopefully more! 

If you have any questions about varying THC/CBD percentages or anything else - drop us a line. or 306-933-2322

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